Bespoke, expert client services


Digital information is the life blood of business, but that value needs protection. Trace was founded by Sorcha Lorimer, a data, digital and privacy leader with a passion for user centric software and design.

The Trace team are driven to make the complex simple in everything we do, champion Privacy by Design thinking, and democratise data protection for every business.

Trace deliver Professional Services to businesses looking for expert, pragmatic and tailored support. We work across a number of sectors and offer a bespoke service to meet your requirements. Get in touch to discuss your project.


privacy & compliance

  • GDPR audits, lifecycle mapping and visualisations

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) as a service

  • Third party risk review and due diligence


digital & data

  • Maturity roadmaps

  • Digital and data transformation

  • Cloud strategy and risk assessment

  • virtual CDO support

Sorcha Trace

training & EVENTS

  • Compliance training

  • Responsible digital marketing and leadership in a Privacy era

  • Data breach planning and workshops

  • Speaking & Industry events



Our experience span healthcare to the creative sector; financial services, to tech; legal to dental. Here are some of the clients and partners we have helped with professional services. We serve UK and global organisations.

“You managed to make GDPR fun.”
— Helen, MD.
“The output is always professional and our results have been well above expectations.”
— Marcus, CEO
“Made the complex world of GDPR easier to understand and provided clear insight ”
— Hazel, Operations