Welcome to compliance 2.0

It’s Friday you’ve discovered a data breach exposing your customers credit card details, by Monday you will have to report to the regulator and to the customers affected. Do you know where all the data is in your business? How protected is it?

In the UK, from sole traders to corporates, businesses need to comply with much more stringent Data Protection regulations, it makes great business sense to manage data and digital security well in our data driven economy, and quite frankly it’s the right thing to do for your customers. But compliance is complex, manual and hard to maintain.

At Trace we believe old compliance is broken; so built privacy management of the future with our intuitive software which automates reporting and links the meta data you input to the outputs you need from the regulator. Trace makes it easy for you to discover, protect and track data, keep privacy documents updated, mitigate risks and take action in a crisis. 

At Trace we believe data regulation and ethics matter; information is valuable and that value needs to be protected. We support privacy by design and data protection, but we wanted to make it much easier, accessible and efficient for companies to adhere to the GDPR. Born out of first hand experience with customers working through complex and paper heavy compliance efforts and reporting, we knew there was an easier way to help businesses stay on the right side of the law. That’s why we designed Trace - to make simplify the maze of complex regulation and data governance, and help customers get on with the day job of growing their businesses.