Simple, secure, bite-size

Trace your personal data’s flow. Automate regulator-ready reports. Manage compliance. Master complexity.


Intuitive data organisation, for everyone

Trace’s intuitive mapping wizard helps you get a handle on your messy business data. Simply add the categories of personal data you process and we’ll help you work out where it is, who it’s with and how to comply. You can add categories at anytime, from anywhere, tackle gaps as you go and collaborate with colleagues. With our information flow and roles visualiser, you’ll get to grips with precious personal data, see where the data is stored and understand your responsibilities and actions.


bespoke policies, based on your operations

At Trace we think starting off with a privacy policy template is back to front. Instead, we help you establish what data you handle and why, with our easy data map tool. Once we know you a little more, we create your custom privacy policies, based on the way your business operates. If anything changes, just update your map and your living privacy policy automatically updates. Faster, more accurate, connected privacy policies available when you need them.

Inventory generator on screen larger.jpg

on demand data inventories

To comply with Article 30 of the GDPR, you need an inventory of the personal data you process. With Trace, your personal data, retention and asset inventories are all automatically created from your flow map. No more searching for out of date spreadsheets and version control nightmare, with Trace you can access, update or share your data records from one place with our secure cloud platform.